For decades it has also suppressed the people of Iran in the most inhumane and violent ways. It seems to work on its own set of rules – rules that most of the rest of the world would never even dream of abiding by. The country’s constitution is based on the regime’s own goals and it is very far from being a fair player in the international community.

Corruption is so widespread across all levels of the regime that it is impossible for the government to tackle; partly because the very officials that could tackle it are among the worst offenders.

The Iranian regime has been very openly anti-American, and to a lesser but still significant extent anti-Western, for decades. It makes no secret of the fact that it believes Western values are damaging to people and a threat to Iran itself.

The country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp’s, the country’s military, has been designated as a foreign terrorist organisation (FTO). This is the first time that a U.S. government has made this designation on another country’s military, but it is one that is entirely justified because the regime has met the criteria for quite some time. In fact, previous U.S. administrations have had enough reason to make this designation.

Iran’s goal is to have a land corridor that goes all the way from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea so that it has full control over its exploits. It has admitted that it wants to banish the region of U.S. influence and officials have said that it wants to make sure that enemies have no “safe points” in the area.

Iran is taking advantage of war-torn and impoverished countries and it has proxies across the Middle East that work on Iran’s behalf. Or you could say that they do Iran’s dirty work.

Through all of this, the people of Iran are the victims, just like the millions of people across the Middle East that have been displaced or killed because of Iran’s interference. The Iranian economy is greatly suffering because the regime will not spend the nation’s wealth on services that will help the people.

Even during the recent widespread flooding that affected large parts of the country, the regime decided to play the blame game instead of providing aid. It used forces to guard areas to prevent an outbreak of protests. But it did not help the people that so desperately needed help after losing everything. As usual, the people of Iran took care of each other.

Some believe that President Trump is trying to instigate a war with Iran, but his administration is quite simply taking action to impede the regime’s activities. The previous administration took the coward’s way out and conceded to the regime, or turned a blind eye to its belligerence, but the current one has realised that the issue cannot be ignored.