The United States has been allied with the P.M.F. for the past three years in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq. Now that IS is militarily defeated, anti-American propaganda is being spread within the P.M.F. It is believed that this is the work of Iranian-supported units, who are also said to be pressuring the Baghdad government to expel the U.S. troops from the country.

Akram al-Kaabi, the leader of the Nujaba movement, said in a December 1st interview with the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV, that the U.S. congressional bill “is an indication they [U.S.] fear us.” He added, “If the Americans intend to reoccupy Iraq, we will fight them again. And if they commit a stupid mistake in Syria or Iraq against the Nujaba and resistance forces, we will deal a crushing blow to them and will target all their interests in the region. If the Syrian and Iraqi governments decide to confront America, we will proudly stand by their side.”

Additionally, Abu Waris al-Musawi, the group’s spokesman, called the bill a “conspiracy and a victory for the Islamic State and all other terrorist organizations supported by Washington.” Claiming that the bill is against Iraq’s security institutions, he said that the group is waiting for the Baghdad government’s response to the recent move by the U.S.

Iran’s Fars News Agency quoted Musawi as saying. “This step is a plot. After the defeat of their designs in Iraq, the last of which was the Islamic State, they want to set fire to the region.”

Following US President Trump’s declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in a speech on Wednesday, Qais al-Khazali, Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq (A.A.H.) commander, wrote on Twitter, “Trump’s decision to designate Jerusalem the capital of the occupying Zionist entity marks the beginning of the end of the racist Israeli entity. We call on all the free and faithful to unite in a single front to confront arrogant (powers) & enemies of humanity.”

Iran’s Office for Strengthening Unity, a large union of university students, condemned the congressional bill during the December 1st Friday prayer in Tehran. “Nujaba will now act with more determination than in the past to pursue the supreme aspirations of the Islamic community. As the young and triumphant leader of this movement, Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi, announced, this movement is ready to fight the murderous and baby-killer Zionist regime in the occupied Golan. Today, Nujaba is alongside Hashd al-Shaabi [P.M.F.], Hezbollah, Ansarullah [Houthi rebels in Yemen], Hamas, Islamic Jihad and… The day will come when all movements of the resistance axis will hold the Friday prayer in the occupied Quds. That day will be soon,” they said in a statement.

The Nujaba movement announced the creation of a new brigade to seize the Golan Heights last March. They stated that the “latest victories” against the Islamic State and Sunni rebels in Iraq and Syria allowed them and their allies to focus on Israel.

According to their leaders, members of the new brigade are highly-trained, well-equipped and capable of fighting the Jewish state. In fact, Kaabi told Al-Mayadeen news network, “Israel is weaker than a spider web. Islamic resistance is capable of confronting the axis of evil and annihilating the occupying Zionist regime.”