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US Sanctions Shake Iran Regime

Before taking office, President Trump said he would scrap the nuclear deal that was negotiated by his predecessor Obama. However, many advised against this and it turns out that these latest sanctions give him a large amount of control and power when it comes to punitive action.

It has also been reported that the initiative makes a point that Iran is an extremely dangerous state. This is something that Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudi Foreign Minister, reiterated recently on a visit to the United Kingdom.

Iran is providing a large amount of support to Shiite groups in Iraq and the country’s Vice President is worried that Iran will create sectarian rifts across the country which will result in disastrous consequences for next year’s parliamentary elections.
Furthermore, as the post-ISIS era is unfolding, many different parties are pursuing their interests in Syria, and Iran is making the most of this by looking for leverage where it can find it.

The sanctions agreed last week will have an effect on the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) because anyone providing a service to anyone identified on the order would be put on the US sanctions list. Temporary measures will no longer apply – the entity will be permanently sanctioned.

The Iranian regime has postponed parliament’s response to the bill, leaving it very clear that it is in shock. The news is a clear indication that more sanctions will come. It also sends the message that sanctions will come as a result of executive orders instead of through legislation.

Iran will face some sizeable challenges and the international community will increase its demands. Measures, named by many as “JCPOA 2, 3 and 4” will respond to Iran’s malign activities and actions.

The IRGC will be particularly affected by the sanctions, but the bill targets all organs of the Iranian regime.

The Iranian regime had suffered a series of setbacks in recent months, and on 1st July, the opposition will be holding its annual gathering in Paris where political and human rights figures from all across the world will reunite to show their support to the people of Iran. It is an event where one realises there is a very powerful alternative to the murderous regime in Iran. A free, democratic and tolerant Iran is possible after all.



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