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Will Sanctions Really Bring Iran Into Line?

However, it would be naïve to think that the Iranian Regime will reform because of these sanctions or any sanctions. The Mullahs’ Regime is built on the export of terrorism and domestic repression and nothing will change while they are in power.

The only way to stop the political, economic and international pressures currently facing Iran would collapse the Regime and so, the mullahs have expanded their terrorist operations across Europe, with a special focus on targeting the Iranian opposition. The Regime hoped to save the nuclear deal by exploiting the US-Europe divide on the matter, but the mullahs’ fanatic need to silence its opposition has caused Europe to turn against the Regime too.

The real question is not “will sanctions cut down funding for Iran’s terrorist proxies?”, because the mullahs now that if they accept restrictions over regional policy, they would lose control over the repressive forces.

Iran stands on the brink of a revolution and its people are already hungry for change. Their nationwide protests, supported by the US, are taking hold of Iran and will soon bring real change to the country.

That’s what the mullahs are truly scared of, which is why so-called moderate President Hassan Rouhani has instructed his Intelligence Ministry to assassinate dissidents abroad and threaten neighbours. In fact, the mullahs have been involved in at least four plots to murder its opposition en-masse in 2018 alone.

In October, the French government said that Iran’s Intelligence Ministry was undoubtedly behind the June plot to bomb an exiled opposition group’s rally outside Paris, so they froze assets belonging to Tehran’s intelligence services and two Iranian nationals, including an Iranian diplomat.

Hamid Bahrami, a human-rights and political activist who was previously held as a political prisoner in Iran, wrote: “President [Donald] Trump should consider tough political sanctions toward Iran parallel with targeting its propaganda machine in either inside and outside the country. Hoping to change Iran’s unacceptable behaviour solely through economic sanction is like beating the air.”

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