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Is a Murderer Becoming Iran’s President?

Raisi is one of nine Iranian officials listed in the November 2019 sanctions list of the United States Department of State due to alleged human rights abuses. Similarly, Raisi is also sanctioned by the European Union.

In every election one of the most discussed subjects are the candidates and their plans for the future of the country. In Iran it seems to be the same when we read and search through the many state-run media reports.

But the reality is something else, when we look at the 40-year history of this regime, it becomes clear that there was not a free an election at all, and all the candidates are first chosen and filtered by the regime’s Guardian Council, then the Supreme Leader’s desired person will be elected in a fraudulent and sham election.

After a long debate finally on Saturday, May 15, the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei sent his desired person Ebrahim Raisi1, the head of the regime’s judiciary, to the election panel.

This person who is infamous for its cruelty, especially for his role in the 1988 political massacre, is likely to become the next president.

Now many of the regime’s officials, mainly from the so-called principlists faction, are preparing for his presence to wash the bloody hands and constitute its presence because of the many requests of the people and other political elements.

One of them Seyed Nezam al-ddin Mousavi, the former CEO of Fars News Agency and now an MP, in a tweet said:

“Ayatollah Raisi had and still has a strong and coherent plan to run the country. But I personally witnessed it for 2 years in Astan-e-Quds and it became more obvious in the judiciary that wherever Mr. Raisi finds responsibility, all his attention, will and focus are there.
If he enters the election arena, there is no reason other than the existence of hundreds of arguments and thousands of invitations.

And the state-run website Esfehan-e-Emrooz on May 15 quoting Amir Ibrahim Rasouli, spokesman for the Council of the Coalition of Revolutionary Forces, wrote:

“Seyed Ibrahim Raisi’s registration is final on Saturday. Seyyed Ibrahim Raisi compensates the bitter 8 years of recklessness with national consensus and the support of all revolutionary forces and the decisive vote of all sections of the people.”

And there are many other examples. But the question is why has Khamenei waited so long to introduce his candidate?

According to the state-run daily Eghtesad News the reason for this delay is “the change in the registration time of Ibrahim Raisi is that his successor in the judiciary has not been identified.” (Eghtesad News, May 15, 2021)

And finally, Raisin announced his reason for running in the elections on May 15:

“Over the past few months, various groups, classes, and guilds have invited me to run in the elections, and of course some sympathizers, for various benevolent reasons, wanted me to resist this demand.”

Analysts say those who wanted him to resist this demand are fearing the consequences of its dark case. Then declaring the reason to reject this demand, he said:

“What accompanied me to this argument was the heavy responsibility of the judiciary and the transformation plans that I pursued with the support of experience and familiarity with the issues and challenges of the judiciary and with the help of a wide range of elites, and the support and hope creation of the people.”

Then by forging this truth that Khamenei ordered him to run into election as he did it when he became the head of the judiciary, Raisi added:

“But the people’s gratitude to this little servant spread to the level of universal demand. If it were not for this public demand, I would have been relieved to continue the path of change in the judiciary. But more resistance to this massive wave, above all, would be disregard to the will of the noble people of my land, and would create the suspicion of comfort on the battlefield of our common sufferings.” (Pana news agency, May 15, 2021)

The bitter truth is that the word ‘people’ is the cover name for the regime’s Supreme Leader and his terrorist regime. How can a man who is responsible and is one the perpetrators of one of the worst crimes after World War II, the massacre of political prisoners in the summer of 1988 speak about the people at all?

1: (Raisi is one of nine Iranian officials listed in the November 2019 sanctions list of the United States Department of State due to alleged human rights abuses. Similarly, Raisi is also sanctioned by the European Union.)

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