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INU - A secure, cloud-based messaging app has quickly risen to popularity in Iran. “Telegram” allows users to chat and share media with one another through personal, group, and broader interest channels. It’s estimated that at least 45,000,000 of the 80,000,000 Iranian people use the app.

By INU Staff

INU - The Parliament of Iran on Wednesday, June 7 in a report on the incident of Yurt mine stated that the Iranian Mehr Fund affiliated with Basij is the director of this mine and a security agency owns its major shares.

According to the reports, the director of Yurt Mine was also the chief technical officer of the mine. Therefore, the inefficiency of authority caused technical and safety notes.

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INU - Recent reports from Iran have detailed the horrific situation of pregnant women addicted to drugs highlighting an increasingly worrying social situation. 

Qanoon, a state-run newspaper, reported that the biggest social problems in Iran were drug addicted men and homeless people, but now there are more and more addicted women giving birth to babies that are brought into the world already suffering from addiction.

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INU - Medical care and medication in Iran is very expensive for the people, causing more and more people to fall below the poverty line every year. 

The fact that the Iranian authorities are unable to provide adequate health care budgets is making the situation worse.

By INU Staff 

INU - As the May presidential elections approach in Iran, the regime is cracking down again on social media users and activists. It has been reported that several activists are being held on charges of obscenity and security charges according to the country’s judiciary.

At a World Health Day event on Sunday, Iran’s Health Minister, Hassan Ghazizadeh said, “The people are victims of wrong decisions made by a number of policymakers and what we see today is unfortunately in a path of hopelessness.” He added that in the past 26 years the number of people suffering from depression in Iran has doubled.

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