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A high incidence of unemployment and low pay has many of Iran’s citizens suffering all the hardships of a failing economy.  Meanwhile, the ruling class lives in luxury. While droves of beggars and drug addicts wander the streets, and the homeless find shelter living under bridges, or in the sewerage canals that run alongside the country’s highways, the rich insulate themselves from the rest of nation.

As Iranian officials launch campaigns to collect child workers and beggars and remove them from the streets, State-run Salamat News website investigated the problem. Its report reads, “Rounding up drug addicts, homeless people living in the streets, runaway girls, beggars and many others that have ended up in such situations as a result of poverty and the class gap in our society have ended in failure as a result of hasty measures carried out by authorities.” 

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INU - While Iran regime officials beat up and remove the homeless taking refuge and sleeping in empty graves in cold weather, Rouhani tries to justify grave sleeping by stating, “The Grave Sleepers live in graves to save themselves from the cold.”

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INU - Social networking is popular among people, especially young people, but it has turned into a security crisis for the Iranian regime. Despite regime’s measures to censor, filter and control the Internet, nearly 22 million Iranians have joined the Telegram social network, according to figures.

In an article on December 6th the National Council of Resistance of Iran wrote about the protests that occurred on the occasion of Student Day.  Students from universities in several cities staged demonstrations and protest gatherings to express their anger towards the regime.

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INU - 14% raise in wages is meager compared to the inflation rate

In an interview with the state-run ILNA news agency, the head of the Corporate Association of Mine Workers of Chadoromlou (Toos Asphalt Company), noted the hiking price of food stuff over the past few days in Iran and said, "In our negotiations last year on the wages, it was completely clear and predictable that a 14% wage increase is not sufficient for the expenses of the workers' families."

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