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The pollution levels in Iran’s capital Tehran have got so bad that schools have had to shut down. Officials statements have also been released to apologise to tourists for the high levels of air pollution.

On Sunday, Tehran was struck by a cloud of smog, affecting its 14 million residents. According to the Air Quality Index, the pollution in the city hit the high mark of 156 – a dangerous number, considering that an Index of 150 is already considered unhealthy. Many had to flee indoors or wear a face mask to avoid the toxic fumes.

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INU - The Iranian regime removed the tents from Balochi and Sistani people on Wednesday 9th November 2016 according to regime affiliated Ilna news agency. Government officials are said to have tried to destroy the tents that are located in the outskirts. 

Ilna News Agency reports that there are only 30 tents available in this region with twenty children who are under the age of 18 years. The children have no official ID and have no access to education. One of the tents has been used a school used said activists. On 8th November the Iranian regime set fire to the school.

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INU -  In his article published November 9 for The Algemeiner, by Reza Parchizadeh, a political theorist and analyst, he says that, “It’s the latest round of intellectual oppression in Iran: the Islamic Republic has embarked upon officially vetting masters and doctoral candidates at Iranian universities to ascertain whether they possess a genuine ‘commitment’ to the ideological values of the Islamist regime.”

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INU - The Iranian regime is facing an economic crisis. The people most affected are those at the lowest lines of income. The consequences are devastating - many who are facing poverty, choose to sell their unborn babies and even exchange their own children for money.

A recent report by the Mehr News Agency (closely affiliated with the Ministry of Intelligence in Iran) revealed that people have become so desperate in the face of poverty and economic crisis that they have decided to put their own children up for sale.

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INU - Economic crises in Iran are leading to a rise in illegal abortions in areas like Khuzestan.

In Khuzestan, over 40% of people live below the poverty line according to official statistics, with high unemployment the most prominent factor. They also live in an area dominated by rising house prices and increasing deprivation but the Iranian regime’s officials are ignoring the problem.

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INU - Under the mullah’s Regime, Iran has become the second saddest country in the world, according to the head of the Iranian regime’s Social Workers Association.

Hassan Mousavi Chalak acknowledged this on November 2, following the release of statistics from 185 respected international organizations.

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