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The fundamentalist Iranian regime is increasing pressure on clothing manufacturers and sellers in an effort to root out clothing which is considered un-Islamic or and incompatible with the mullahs’ draconian regulations.

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INU - Laveh Ahmadi-nia, a Kurd from the city of Sanandaj was a street vendor when he was arrested by municipal officers and his goods were confiscated. After he was released from prison, the authorities refused to return his belongings, thereby depriving him of his livelihood. As a result, he set himself on fire on May 13 near Mother Square, in front of the local office of the regime’s Industry and Mine Department in Sanandaj. He is now in hospital in critical condition.

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INU - According to state news agencies, the number of nurses fleeing Iran has grown by 300% compared to the same period last year.

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INU - Morteza Mir-Bagheri, the Iranian regime’s Deputy Interior Minister, has admitted that Iran is faced with economic ruin. State-run ISNA news reported the remarks on April 12. Mir-Bagheri stated that there was 70% unemployment in 1200 towns and 40-60% in 420 counties across Iran. Slum populations have increase by 100%, he said. With 15 million people now deprived of basic services, 10 million living in slums and five million in ghettoes, Mir-Bagheri drew attention to the rising divorce rate.

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INUThe Islamic Republic’s top representative for universities announced that holding concerts at Iranian universities has become prohibited

Hassan Rouhani’s administration claims that the root of poverty and unemployment in Iran are the international sanctions. The regime asserts that removing these sanctions and giving back the frozen assets of Iran will heal the economy. But are these sanctions really the reason why Iran’s economy is performing so poorly?

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