Iran: Unborn Babies and Children Sold for Money in the Face of Economic Crisis

By INU Staff 

INU - The Iranian regime is facing an economic crisis. The people most affected are those at the lowest lines of income. The consequences are devastating - many who are facing poverty, choose to sell their unborn babies and even exchange their own children for money.

A recent report by the Mehr News Agency (closely affiliated with the Ministry of Intelligence in Iran) revealed that people have become so desperate in the face of poverty and economic crisis that they have decided to put their own children up for sale.

Iran: Rise in Illegal Abortions

By INU Staff 

INU - Economic crises in Iran are leading to a rise in illegal abortions in areas like Khuzestan.

In Khuzestan, over 40% of people live below the poverty line according to official statistics, with high unemployment the most prominent factor. They also live in an area dominated by rising house prices and increasing deprivation but the Iranian regime’s officials are ignoring the problem.

Iran: Second Saddest Country in the World

By INU Staff 

INU - Under the mullah’s Regime, Iran has become the second saddest country in the world, according to the head of the Iranian regime’s Social Workers Association.

Hassan Mousavi Chalak acknowledged this on November 2, following the release of statistics from 185 respected international organizations.

Iran: Widespread Protests Outside Parliament During Rouhani’s Meeting

By INU Staff 

INU -The National Council of Resistance of Iran, on November 1, reported that while President Rouhani was in Parliament to defend his three new ministers, on Tuesday morning, November 1, a large gathering of people from several cities staged a protest outside. 

The protesters included hundreds of teachers of the literacy movement, shareholders of "Shandiz Padideh", workers and employees of Telecom, and business owners demonstrated in protest to the plundering of their assets by officials and state officials.

Iran: Poverty, Hunger and Unemployment Plague the Big Cities

By INU Staff  

INU - On October 19, The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) wrote about a speech given by Mohammad Reza Badamch, Member of the Parliament of Iran, warning of the “devastating tsunami of poverty, hunger and unemployment” facing the country today. It has been reported that unemployment, in some cities, reaches as high as 80 percent.

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