A Look at the Impact of Coronavirus in Iran

While many people in Iran are falling victim to coronavirus every day, morgues and cemeteries have become full, and the country has been pushed to the brink of collapse, President Hassan Rouhani touts about the beauty of empty hospital beds

After the novel coronavirus emerged in China, many states immediately adopted precautionary measures to save their citizens’ lives and health. This health calamity put every government’s abilities to test. However, at the same time, Iran’s mullahs were planning to exploit this terrible disaster.

Coronavirus Condition in Baneh, Western Iran

Citizens in Baneh, western Iran, suffer from dire conditions about the coronavirus outbreak

According to the Iranian regime’s secrecy and mismanagement about the novel coronavirus, this disease rapidly spread among citizens. In this respect, the mullahs’ inability in containing contagion and monopolizing medical equipment to their proponents exaggerated conditions, particularly in impoverished areas.

Floods in Iran’s Southern Provinces

Due to the Iranian regime’s terrible crisis management, seasonal rainfall resulted in horrible floods and many damages and casualties in the country’s southern provinces

On the morning of March 23, state-run media reported that due to floods in southern Iran, at least three individuals lost their lives. Also, three others have injured and several missed.

Iran’s Laborer’s Victims of the Regime

The Iranian regime resorts to security and judicial measures to respond to the workers’ demands during the past 41years. This includes being summoned, threats, expelled from work, and court rulings for lashing and even prison terms.

The seriousness of the Coronavirus threat in Iran has led to the quarantine of many workers, many of them are forced to work despite the outbreak, but workers whose lives and livelihoods are tied to day-to-day work are not happy in the are not in good conditions.

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