Iran: Senior Mullah Admits Concern Over “What Will Happen in the Coming Years”

By INU Staff

INU - On February 3rd, the Iranian Interior Ministry issued a report to to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that examined the reasons behind the protests. This report indicated that “people’s trust in the regime has been diminished, institutions have lost its effectiveness, while the political and electoral promises, without considering the country’s capabilities have created expectations among people that cannot be met.”

Iran Protests, Put Into Perspective

By INU Staff

INU - On December 28th something surprising happened in Iran. A protest began over skyrocketing prices and, especially, unemployment. It quickly spread from the holy city of Mashhad to cities and towns across the country.

Thousands Illegally Detained in Iran Amidst Protests

by Violet Rusu

Just two weeks after the mass protests that rocked 130 cities across Iran ended, sources say, the rallies are back for round two but thousands of protesters remain illegally detained. The protests commenced on January 29 in Gorgan, the capital of Iran’s Golestan province. Thousands of protesters were videoed chanting, “Death to dictator” while they marched through the downtown streets. The protests have since spread to several cities, including Kerman, Shiraz, Arak, Isfahan, and Rasht.

Suppression of Female Artists and Gender Segregation in Iran

By INU Staff

INU - Violations of the fundamental Islam adhered to by the Iranian regime drives the ban on females from performing, working, or participating in their dreams. Women are routinely blocked from pursuing their passions, be it in sports, science, music, or other cultural forums.

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