The Young People of Iran Protest Failing Economy and Broken Promises

By INU Staff

INU - In the wake of the 2009 presidential election millions of Iranians demonstrated in the streets, and the Green Movement began. After nearly a week of protests all around Iran, 21 people have been killed and hundreds have been arrested. Videos have been posted online of people chanting, “Death to Khamenei”, and “Leave Syria alone, and think about our life.”

Iran's Protests Spark Social Media Blackout

By INU Staff

INU - While Iran experiences the largest protests that the country has seen this decade, on New Year’s Eve, President Hassan Rouhani told his cabinet, “We are a free nation and based on the Constitution and citizenship rights, people are completely free to express their criticism and even their protest,” according to state-backed news channel Press TV. However, Rouhani's government blocked access to the messaging app, Telegram, throughout the country.

Support by the West Will Help the Iranian Peoples' Struggle to Take Back Their Country

By INU Staff

INU - It has already been announced that the Revolutionary Guard Corps has warned of the coming crackdown. It’s already reported that 12 have been killed in clashes with police, but the real number is said to be closer to 21. Unlike in 2009, the last time Iranians took to the streets, the West must realize that the Iranians chanting their rejection of the Iranian regime in front of police officers, state-backed militias, and mosques have made themselves targets.

International Responses to Iran's Mass Protests Are Beginning to Emerge

By INU Staff

INU - International coverage of Iran’s nationwide protests continued on Tuesday and began to display common narratives as the demonstrations entered their sixth day. The initial protests in the city of Mashhad, allegedly organized around economic issues by conservative opponents of President Hassan Rouhani, led to unexpected expansion in both the geographic and ideological scope of subsequent gatherings. This in turn led to highly predictable government crackdowns, resulting in numerous arrests and several deaths.

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