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On November 20, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) reported that at a press conference with Tasnim news agency on November 20, the anniversary of the adoption of the labor law, Iran's chief of the Construction Workers Association, Akbar Shokat, stated, “According to experts the monthly income of less than $580, is considered below the poverty line and while the construction workers monthly salary is $230, this figure is not the poverty line anymore, this is the misery line!”

He also said that, “today more than 95 percent of workers have temporary employment contracts,” and additionally, that each day five workers lose their lives as a result of work accidents - three of which are construction workers, and two are industrial workers.

In Iran 25 to 30 workers lose their lives due to job related diseases on daily basis, he also admitted, in this same category of jobs, after retirement, on average 5 – 7 years later, many workers will die as a result of job related diseases, 33%  from lung cancer.

In more news, on that same day, the NCRI published an article about the Khorasan Razavi province, in Northeastern Iran, where 477 workers have lost their lives due to workplace accidents within just four months.  This, according to a report from the Iranian state run News Agency, ILNA, on November 19.

Although the construction and employment in the province has decreased this year, paradoxically, the human loss of in terms of workplace accidents has increased.

Lack of proper education for workers, and shortage of safety equipment are the main causes of the high death toll, say Labor activists.

The Vice President of the Ministry of Labor stated that each year more than 1,400 people lose their lives due to work accidents, and 8400 people, six times more than that, lose their lives due to Job Disease.

According to Official Forensic statistics between 2010 and 2014, five to seven workers were killed at work on daily basis. In 2014 18,916 incidents occurred in which one or more workers have been killed.


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