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INU - 14% raise in wages is meager compared to the inflation rate

In an interview with the state-run ILNA news agency, the head of the Corporate Association of Mine Workers of Chadoromlou (Toos Asphalt Company), noted the hiking price of food stuff over the past few days in Iran and said, "In our negotiations last year on the wages, it was completely clear and predictable that a 14% wage increase is not sufficient for the expenses of the workers' families."

Akbar Alipour added, "There has been a gradual deterioration in the living conditions of workers' families, day by day and week by week, and we are witnessing an unpleasant plunge."

"Every year, during the negotiations on wages, the officials estimate the next year's inflation rate to their own benefit. However, from the very first month, it always proves to be wrong, and due to the rising inflation rate such forecasts and expectations are inaccurate."

This labor activist also noted that workers are under pressure from all sides. "It has become a common practice that since a few months before the election, workers are placed under various forms of pressure. Then, in the 11th hour, and in the final days leading to the election, they give promises to workers and win their favor to collect votes and take office."


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