A Look at the Impact of Coronavirus in Iran

While many people in Iran are falling victim to coronavirus every day, morgues and cemeteries have become full, and the country has been pushed to the brink of collapse, President Hassan Rouhani touts about the beauty of empty hospital beds

After the novel coronavirus emerged in China, many states immediately adopted precautionary measures to save their citizens’ lives and health. This health calamity put every government’s abilities to test. However, at the same time, Iran’s mullahs were planning to exploit this terrible disaster.

The Revolutionary Guards’ (IRGC) Mahan Airlines continued its flights to and from China while almost all world’s airlines immediately canceled their aerial communication with the epicenter of COVID-19. The Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order hoarded many hygienic items such as face masks and disinfecting fluids. Simultaneously, the government slammed the United States for sanctions and pretended that U.S. sanctions prevent Iran from purchasing medicine and medical equipment. “Medicine and food have never been sanctioned,” Abbas Mousavi, Iran’s Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, admitted on February 3.

On the other hand, authorities claim that they have no need for foreign aid in parallel with pleading the U.S. to loosen or lift sanctions. However, these remarks raised only increased public anger at the government’s mismanagement and incompetence. Additionally, Iranian officials attempt to downplay the results of the disease.

“All beds [provided by the Armed forces] remained empty with their unique beauty… Also, the Health Ministry’s beds have been empty, and we have 13,000 empty beds, according to Health Minister a couple of days ago… We also passed the disease’s peak in different provinces on March 21-22, and the disease is on the decline,” President Hassan Rouhani claimed on April 1.

However, Health Minister Saeed Namaki rejected Rouhani’s claim during the same session, saying, “We shouldn’t fall in negligence and indifference! We are still in the managing phase, not containing or controlling the disease.” The head of counter-coronavirus staff in Tehran Alireza Zali also mocked Rouhani’s remark and said, “We are yet scrambling with the illness at least in Tehran. We are in an accelerating curve of [COVID-19] in Tehran city.”

Additionally, several numbers of faculty of different medical science universities responded to Rouhani. “According to [counter-coronavirus] staff’s report, 2,000 people three days ago, 2,500 yesterday, and today 3,000 others newly added to the total statistic of infected people. Have the conditions gotten better in comparison with previous days? Mr. President, in China, out of every million people, 2.5 persons have died. In Iran, we have lost 38 of our dear people for every one million of the population. This stat means 15 times as much as China… This stat means 15 times more casualties due to [your] wrong thoughts,” they wrote.

Notably, on April 2, the main Iranian opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), reported that the number of mortalities of the coronavirus in Iran exceeded to 16,100. The PMOI collected these horrible figures relying on its vast domestic network in more than 230 cities in all Iran’s 31 provinces. However, given the ayatollahs’ criminal secrecy and mismanagement, this number will soar much higher. Based on outcomes of a forecast by an Iranian student research group, Iran Coronavirus Death Toll Could Reach 3.5 million.


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