In Mashhad City, 200 Nurses of Medical Sciences University Contracted Coronavirus

As the Iranian regime’s officials attempt to deceive citizens by fabricated figures about the coronavirus victims, a non-profit health official announced 200 nurses in Mashhad have been infected with the COVID-19 disease

At least200 nurses of the Mashhad University of Medical Science have been infected with the coronavirus, a senior health official has confirmed to state-run media.

According to a May 27 report of the state-run ISNA news agency, the chairman of the directing board of Mashhad Nursing System Mohsen Gachpazan announced, “In the jurisdiction of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences and its affiliated cities, about 200 nurses have contracted corona so far.”

Gachpazan said that there are about 450 contractor nurses in Mashhad and hygienic departments have focused on the conditions of these people. “Pursuits and correspondences are underway, and we are looking to change the situation of these nurses,” he added.

He reminded the shortage of nurses in this city in accordance with world standards, stressing, “Based on global standards, four nurses are required for each hospital bed. However, on average, there is only one nurse for each bed in Mashhad Medical Sciences University.”

“We are far from the global standards,” Gachpazan emphasized. Earlier, on May 14, he had said that female nurses constitute more than 65 percent of total nurses in Mashhad’s hospitals.

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Coronavirus Conditions ‘Red’ Again

“The situation in the city of Mashhad turned to a ‘red’ state again. The director of public relations for Mashhad's Medical Sciences University Hamid Reza Rahimi said, “according to the new criteria, Mashhad was in a red situation in terms of the prevalence of coronavirus,” the state-run Mashreq website wrote on May 26.

“Mashhad has been in the ‘red’ state again since yesterday, while it was approaching the white situation,” he added.

Notably, on April 5, several nurses of Imam Reza hospital in this major city held a rally in protest to non-standard equipment and shortage of face masks, which jeopardize their health and lives. “Despite the rapid outbreak of the coronavirus, officials didn’t provide any standard precautionary equipment for them,” the nurses said.

At the time, local sources reported that the lack of appropriate preemptive items like gloves, face masks, and protected gowns contributed to an increase in infection with the coronavirus among healthcare staff.

Additionally, the infection of 200 nurses of one Medical Sciences University shows a part of the real calamity that Iranian authorities are trying to cover-up it.

In March, a citizen from Mashhad reported, “Hospital officials take the cellphones of the medical staff and nurses to curb the leak of information about what is happening there. Officials have set up a closet where they keep communication devices during the staff’s shift. They refer anyone who refuses this measure to the security sector.”

In following the regime’s concealing policy, Health Ministry officials announced as of Wednesday, May 27, the death count of the coronavirus has stood at 7,564. However, the Iranian opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) stated, “Over 44,800 people have died of the novel coronavirus in 323 cities checkered across all of Iran’s 31 provinces.”

MEK sources previously reported that more than 3,000 people have died of the COVID-19 disease in Khorasan Razavi province. Mashhad is the capital of the mentioned province.


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