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40 People Die From Coronavirus Each Day in One Iranian Province

Images of coronavirus victims in Rasht-Iran

Gholamali Jafarzadeh said:  “Many people with COVID-19 symptoms have passed away in the province but since they haven’t been tested, they have not been included in the (official) figures… Cemeteries don’t have any more room and bodies are buried on top of each other.”

He said that hospitals lack the appropriate or even the minimum level of ventilators, ICU beds, masks and hospital gowns, which is making the outbreak that much worse.

Jafarzadeh, who is in one of the worst-hit areas, has completely contradicted the regime’s official statistics, but his comments are backed up by local reports. The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK) said that 3,300 people in 149 cities nationwide have died from the coronavirus.

A few days ago, Mostafa Faghihi, who is linked to the state-run Entekhab website, said in a now-deleted tweet that 130 people died every day in Tehran and Gilan, while over 2000 people have died since the start of the outbreak. This shows that the regime does know the real figures and are deliberately hiding them.

In Qazvin, a doctor in Bu Ali Sina Hospital was filmed saying that four people die from coronavirus each day in that hospital alone. While one worker at Gharzi Hospital in Isfahan said “the hospital was overcapacity” and “patients were dying very quickly”.

A nurse in Kermanshah said that staff did not have enough masks and that several of his colleagues had tested positive for coronavirus.

He said: “You’re only allowed two normal surgical masks for a 12-hour shift and if the masks get wet or dirty, you’re given a mask allocated to your next shift.”

Most hospitals in Iran are overcapacity and under-equipped with healthcare workers unable to protect themselves as they treat patients, but still doing their best to save as many as they can.

The Head of Iran’s Nursing Organization said the shortage of protective equipment is “alarming” and that hospital staff is in danger.  

The worst-hit is reported to be Sayad Shirazai Hospital in Gorgan. It is so full that there is not even any room in the hallways, so patients are being transferred to other cities.

According to a report, the “hospital staff don’t have suitable protection and their work is suicidal”.


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