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A Student Reports on the Situation in Universities in Iran

The crises in the provision of accommodations and the lack of commitment and responsibility by the officials of the Ministry of Science and universities:

In the new academic year that has started from October, there is a serious crisis for the university students. There are no suitable dormitories for the new students and even the students of the previous years have the same problem as well. At the time of the registration, the student welfare institutions raise the issue in advance and withhold any assurance by saying that there are not enough funding and good infrastructure conditions in housing and feeding. This problem intensifies for the female students as they are more exposed to the social and cultural barriers. Regarding these issues, the universities and students have entered into correspondence with the Ministry of Science but the officials evaded the answers due to the lack of funding and inadequate explanations. Therefore the issue has remained unsettled.

The difficulty of procuring and supplying equipment and laboratory facilities in universities:

As most of the courses of engineering and related branches of medical science are practical, the use of materials and laboratory facilities are considered as the major priorities of these disciplines as well. Unfortunately, a very serious crisis that nearly all universities faced with in the country is the lack of laboratory facilities and the existence of a black market for the provision of those in Tehran. The LC section of the Ministry of Science, affiliated with the vice president of research, is responsible for the purchase of the laboratory equipment from the European companies. This section announced that all banks and European companies do not cooperate for any purchase in wholesale products and there is no possibility of opening a foreign currency account for exchange.

The scholarships for the international students and the deep political corruption in this regard:

Recently, a public statement has been sent to all public universities to admit foreign students in master and Ph.D. degrees. According to the notice, despite all of the consecutive crises, our universities are obliged to admit the foreign students from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Pakistan and so on. As it is planned, these students could be the cultural missionaries of the Iran’s regime in their home country and they could support the thoughts and ideas of Iran’s revolution and of Imam Khomeini’s. Apparently, the foreign students are admitted to Iran’s universities and they are granted the scholarships that include the tuition fees, dormitories and training facilities and especially the donation of funds as grants. Unfortunately, these facilities are not provided for our elites and students and they have been deprived of them.

The evident religious and gender discrimination in the new academic year:

According to a circular issued by the Supreme Leader, the Sunni students and the students of other religious minorities must be fully separated from the Shiite students and any other programs or religious activities of them must be confirmed by the Supreme leader and the security office in form of an official permit. According to the circular, any prayer congregation of Sunnis is forbidden and the Sunni students are not permitted to hold any special religious programs or prayer congregation in the university dorm or public places.


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