“The Coronavirus’s alarm is still sounding in Khuzestan. Currently, 843 patients are still being treated in hospitals in Khuzestan province.”

The governor of the regime in Mehdishahr, Semnan province, on 22 May announced the situation of the coronavirus in this city to be red and said: “Although the situation of Mehdishahr with regards to the coronavirus was announced earlier to be yellow, the number of people infected with this virus in this city has increased.”

Mohammad Mehran Aminifard, President of Iranshahr University of Medical Sciences, said on 22 May: “Following the increase in the number of infected people with coronavirus in Iranshahr and Chabahar counties, the two cities were ranked among the ‘red status’ cities.”

Abdul Rahim Kurdi, head of the Chabahar Free Zone, also said: “Due to the announcement of the red situation in Chabahar, commercial centers and service units of the Chabahar Free Zone were closed.”

Following the spread of the coronavirus in Khuzestan, the entrance to Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari was closed to Khuzestanis.

Colonel Reza Dolatshahi, the head of the Khuzestan Road Police, said on 22 May: “Due to the red situation in Khuzestan in terms of the prevalence of corona and the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday, the entry of this province from Khuzestan for private and passenger cars has been banned until further notice.”

Rahmadel Bamari, the deputy governor of Sistan and Baluchestan Province and the governor of Chabahar, said: “The growing trend of people with the coronavirus has now made the city a red zone.”

He added: “Chabahar city is now in a red situation and in recent days we have been in a more acute situation so that the positive cases of the coronavirus have increased 15 times compared to the first two months.”

ISNA said the Deputy Minister of Health announced on 21 May that about 10,000 Iranian health workers are infected with the coronavirus.

A report from the Research Center of the Iranian regime’s parliament shows that the actual number of deaths and deaths in Iran is almost twice as high as the statistics announced by the regime’s Ministry of Health. The incidence is rising over the past two weeks.

Acknowledging the regime’s secrecy, the state-run Etemad daily wrote about the situation in Tehran: “Tehran’s health officials have so far refused to provide any statistics on the number of cases, deaths or improvements.”

Despite the efforts of the clerical regime to normalize the situation and start up the business, Arash Najimi, a spokesman for Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, said: “The metropolis of Isfahan is in the red situation due to the coronavirus.”

IRNA also quoted Mohammad Kakavand, head of the Boroujerd Health Network, as saying: “The situation in Boroujerd is red and on alert. The coronavirus has not become weakened, and with its power it is causing more infections.

According to the same daily, the deputy governor of Lorestan province said: “The province is now on alert and in recent days five cities of Khorramabad, Boroujerd, Doroud, Azna, and Chegini have been in a more acute condition.”

Due to the negligence of the regime, its state media despite severe censorship is forced in fear of the growing anger of the hungry and the poor people which is creating the army of the starving, to give these reports about the situation, which means that there is a serious concern for the Iranian regime that society is about to explode and that nothing will stop it.

So, if in other countries, all eyes are on the laboratories to uncover the secrets of the virus and prepare a weapon to get rid of it. In Iran, people are not looking for vaccines and laboratories to fight the coronavirus, instead, they are looking for something to break this space and to get out of this situation, and to root out the poverty, the negligence, and the looting of the regime’s leaders.

The regime’s officials have no way out of this situation. Because in the current situation, they have neither the power to open the doors of the country, nor change, nor the capacity to change their position on the international stage to get any help from outside.

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