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Even High School Students Escape Iran

Brain drains is a painful event that is putting damaged Iran for many years.

Since the Iranian revolution in 1979 one of the worst things that have happened is the acceleration in brain drain. Each new year, we are reading more concerning statistics in the state-run media.

This dark era started after many of the country’s intellectuals voiced protest over increasing repression and declining living conditions.

In response, Khomeini said, “Why are you yelling so much about the escape of the elites. To hell that they are escaping. Those who went to the universities and speak about science and culture, let them go because the universities are the root of all these miseries that have happened to humanity and the blows delivered to Islam.”

With this mentality, Khomeini and the troglodyte clerics pushed Iran into regression and destruction.

Four decades since, not only has this ominous development not come to an end, but has increased day by day, and Iran is losing its most valuable social treasures.

In the past several years, we have witnessed the loss of elites at the university level, but now, unfortunately, the brain drain has spread to high school students, who are leaving in droves.

The reason: is because they see that nearly all university graduates are jobless, addicted, and face a dark future. Therefore, they decide to leave the country despite all the difficulties and dangers in the hope of a better life abroad so as to prevent their abilities and talents to go waste in the country under the rule of the mullahs.

In the not-too-distant future, Iran will face a shortage of specialists in all fields, such as doctors, nurses, engineers, artists, and others.

According to the latest statistics from the Iranian Immigration Observatory, about 25 percent of the ranks below 1,000 in the national entrance exam, 25 percent of the Elite Foundation, and 37 percent of the medal holders in student Olympiads live outside Iran.

Annually, 150,000 to 180,000 educated specialists ‌leave Iran, and the country ranks first in the world in terms of brain drain, a statistic that is a painful tragedy for Iran and Iranians. Currently, we are witnessing the flight of countless successful and medal-winning Iranian athletes who have left Iran to compete as parts of teams with other countries and decided not to return to the hell created by the mullahs.

Leaving the country may seem difficult at first, but in the current situation in Iran, for all walks of life, there is no choice but to migrate to get away from all the problems they face. Not all Iranians may be able to migrate, but because of the crisis in Iran, they certainly dream of it.

Therefore, if the shadow of the clerical regime rules over Iran, we will see the day-to-day fall of all past and future generations of Iran into hell.

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