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Exclusive Citizen Report About Coronavirus Outbreak in Mashhad, Northeastern Iran

The coronavirus crisis is spreading across Iran in such catastrophic proportions that even the regime’s own officials are voicing serious concerns.

“The statistics of citizens who contracted the coronavirus are dramatically growing. Until now, many people have been hospitalized in various hospitals, including 94 patients in Imam Reza hospital, 49 individuals in Qaem hospital, and 183 others in Shariati hospitals.”

The source explained the location of Shariati hospital, where the vast majority of infected people are kept there. “Shariati hospital is located in an outlying and out-of-access area, and many people are not aware of it. The hospital is placed in a corner of Mashhad, at the beginning of Torqabeh-Shandiz crossroads and behind large trees aged between 20-70 years old. Coronavirus patients who are in critical conditions are transferred by ambulances to this hospital at 3:00 p.m. It’s said that 70 percent of these patients will probably lose their lives,” the citizen said.

Notably, while the government has yet to announce the genuine figures of serious cases, its nightly transfers such cases to this out-of-the-way medical center. The source also said, “Hospital officials take cellphones of the medical staff and nurses to curb the leak of information about what is happening there. Officials have considered a closet where they keep communication devices during the staff’s shift. They refer anyone who refuses this measure to the security sector,” the citizen added.

“In Behesht-Reza cemetery, twelve corpses of people who died of coronavirus were buried in a day alone. The province is under the red condition.

“On the other hand, the Qaem hospital witnesses heavy daily traffic of ambulances which transfer coronavirus patients. Sometimes, officials of the hospital take the people’s cellphones or ban them from entering the center to prevent the leak of information about the virus spread. Qaem hospital seriously suffers from the lack of appropriate devices and around half of the nurses avoid working in the hospital.”

Another citizen also reported, “One of our relatives was working in a pharmacy. She is a 29-year-old pharmacist doctor. She regrettably contracted coronavirus. Due to her serious respiratory difficulty, the family has paid 2.5 million tomans for only one oxygen capsule.”

Additionally, the regime is adopting measures that increase the risk for citizens. On the morning of March 4, another Mashhad resident said, “Some while ago, the Astan-e Quds or Mashhad seminary had purchased a broken factory Sepahan in Torqabeh city. The factory was shut down, but several homes and villas were built in the ten-acres yard of the facility. After the coronavirus emergence in Qom, the regime transferred around 40 mullahs and placed them in the factory. They are occasionally seen in Torqabeh’s markets. Local people acknowledged that ‘Until now, we have witnessed on several occasions that Astan-e Quds’ trucks and the Revolutionary Guards’ pick-ups carry cargo for these mullahs since they have been transferred to this area.’”

Notably, while the supreme leader Ali Khamenei and his staff were eventually compelled to temporarily cancel the Friday prayers in the province capitals, Khamenei’s representative in Mashhad Ahmad Alamolhoda severely criticized this action. This objection shows that despite the death of several officials, the regime’s advocators are still willing to waste the lives of their proponents under so-called traditional expectations.

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