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How Far Will Class Difference in Iran Go?

Iran’s retirees protesting for a piece of “Bread”

“Bread” is a blessing of life and one of the pre-eminent human needs. But the idea that the inexistence of “bread” due to extreme poverty could be a factor that causes people to choke is an unimaginable consequence of the rule of the mullahs.

Such a situation is created by the mullahs in general for the Iranian people and these days specifically for retirees. These days, Iran is full of chants by retirees for “bread” and their minimum income. The imagination that women and men who have served the country and in their retirement are suffering from poverty is unimaginable in most parts of the world.

Despite all the cries and continuity of demonstrations and protests to defend personal and family dignity, government officials, in accordance with their common politics, they cope this story and to make them tired and helpless, which may be disappointed, and step back from their minimum and rightful requests.

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The sustainability and continuity of retirement protest suggests this bitter reality that how far have the effects of life’s suffering and the hardships of earning a living has gone, that these old people despite their many physical restrictions are forced to come to the square and confront the government which is ruining their lives.

The reflective point in the oppression by the Islamic Republic is that the bitter reality of earning a livelihood penetrated that latest layers of the society. Furthermore, the authorities in Iran no longer respect society’s elderly unlike elsewhere in the world. It should be noted that this suffering is going so far that people who are most vulnerable to the coronavirus outbreak have no other solution than to gather and protest on the streets in front of the parliament, on a weekly basis.

In other countries, instead this stratum of the society is well respected and cared for and pensioners are mostly the last to protest and cry out for their rights.

On March 17, the suppressive forces of the clerical establishment attacked a group of the social security retirees in different provinces, beat them and arrested several people.

As noted, when “bread”, which is a blessing of life, in the Islamic Republic turns into a choking ring on the throat of the people and the factor for pressure and impasse, is it strange that the misery index in Iran reached 70 percent in 2020?

What is the message of this acceleration of the calamity in Iran?

Is it not that there is an acceleration in the rise of misery and an acceleration in the crash of the dignity and the humanity at the hands of the mullahs’ regime? Is this not enough reason for Iran’s retirees to take to the streets?

What is really happening on Iran’s streets? Today the growth of misery and the livelihood crisis have reached the latest age circuit of Iran’s community and have connected them to the latest protests.

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