“At present, between 15 to 20 of our medical staff are daily being hospitalized. Regrettably, in recent weeks, given non-observance of social distancing in resuming high-risk careers, we faced a surge in new cases. However, the number of incoming patients has surpassed the discharged ones,” the state-run Asr-e Iran quoted Jalili Khoshnoud as saying.

At the same time, the Iranian regime’s officials severely try to conceal the real scope of the contagion. They truly attempt to curb public anger versus their horrible mismanagement leading to claim of numerous lives before containing the disease. However, the high amount of patients and victims have compelled them to reveal a part of the truth.

For instance, in his remarks published by the state-run Entekhab website on July 26, Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi said, “The status quo is not good at all… nearly the entire country is in code red conditions.”


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He had previously admitted that due to lifting restrictions in April, the coronavirus death toll has increased by 50 percent. Harirchi also compared the daily deaths of the Covid-19 with the number of casualties during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s.

“Covid-19 fatalities have increased by 50 percent since February and March, all due to the actions and measures that we carried out in June and ending the lockdown,” the state-run ILNA news agency quoted him as saying on July 24.

Earlier, on July 18, the regime’s President Hassan Rouhani admitted that “According to the Health Ministry Research Department, 25 million Iranians have been infected with the coronavirus and between 30 to 35 million others are exposed to contract the virus.”

Furthermore, the head of Eslamshahr’s Imam Reza hospital Dr. Ali Akbar Ma’danipour said, “The capacity of three sections allocated to coronavirus patients has been filled and there’s no room to hospitalize many patients in the emergency section,” Fars news agency, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), wrote on July 26.

The head of Eslamshahr’s health network Fatemeh Tajik described the disease trend as dangerous. “Seven percent of tests in March, 14 percent in April, and 26 percent in May were positive. In June, more than 30 percent of tests were positive. The continuation of this trend is dangerous,” Tajik added.

According to the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), as of Sunday, July 26, at least 19,050 individuals have died of the Covid-19 in Tehran. The regime refuses to provide provincial stats. However, official figures are very far from reality.

On April 13, a member of Tehran’s city council Mohammad Javad Haghshenas criticized health officials for fabricated coronavirus stats. “At least in Tehran city, the scale of the death toll is completely inconsistent with official figures,” Haghshenas said in the council meeting.


At the July 25 meeting of the National Covid-19 Task Force, Rouhani insisted on holding crowd mourning ceremonies leading the society to more infection and death. “We must hold mourning ceremonies everywhere for Imam Hossein in villages and cities, and in areas where we say are in code red, yellow or alarming conditions. Whatever it may be, these mourning ceremonies must be held,” he emphasized.

This disastrous decision even promoted his “reformist” allies to express their anger. “Mr. President! As the head of the Coronavirus Task Force, you are responsible for people’s lives. It is clear that the new decisions of the task force will deal the same damage that the lifting of coronavirus restrictions did,” said Masih Mohajeri, a former presidential advisor to Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammad Khatami.

In its July 23 print, Resalat daily, affiliated to supreme leader Ali Khamenei, wrote, “One of the existing problems is that unfortunately, individuals with no expertise are in professional posts, such as the President!”