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Iran: A Father Who Abandons His Daughter Out of Poverty

The advert of a poor family in Iran. Due to their intolerable living conditions, the family want to give the supervision of their child to someone else.

A catastrophe is raging in Iran. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is trying to continue ruling at the cost of killing humanity and human beings. The catastrophe is raging across all of Iranian society. Poverty, the most inhumane phenomenon imposed on human beings, devours the social life of society. Poverty has broken the backbone of the people.

What we read below is the story of a catastrophe which is just a part of the catastrophic poverty in Iran, and we were only able to tell a story:

This is the advert of a family that has asked people for help to transfer their daughter. And this is the word of a man who is forced to his loved one to other people, out of extreme poverty:

“We are in a terrible situation. We want to save our daughter. We live and sleep in the ruined kiosk in Behesht Zahra Cemetery in Velayat Park.”

My Daughter at the Age of Growth Cannot Tolerate Hunger Anymore

“My daughter is growing up. She has a lot of stress. She suffers from many problems due to thirst and hunger. We want to give her to a family. We only stipulate that the family would not have an older son.

“Since yesterday, several families have come and seen my daughter. Two families accepted. But his mother and I did not accept because they had a 15-year-old son.

“My wife and daughter sleep every night in the Velayat park or in a ruined kiosk in Behesht Zahra or the shrine of Imam or the shrine of Imam Masoumeh in Qom or the Jamkaran Mosque, and generally wherever it is warmer and more suitable for sleeping. We are displaced. We do not have money for a mortgage.

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The Lost Future of Iranian Children

“We are not even able to eat two servings of bread and cheese every day. I am in a wheelchair. An old and broken wheelchair, with which I sell wild rue in the market. My wife and daughter shine the shoes of women and girls in the subway. But I can no longer torment my growing daughter and keep her in distress and hunger.”

We Do Not Even Have Shoes

“So far, many families have come for her supervision. But they did not have suitable conditions, that is, they had a son under 20 years old. Or they had a single son, which my wife and I do not accept at all. Many people end up shamelessly proposing to accept her as a concubine while she has not even grown-up. My daughter is only 12 years old.

“You don’t know what is happening to us? You don’t even know that we don’t even have shoes to walk on. We do not have a piece of torn shoes to walk on in cold weather. We have slippers on our feet in this rainy weather.”

Then the father wiped his tear-soaked cheek. He is accustomed to tears and poverty and homelessness. Tragedy begins when we become accustomed to seeing this dirty face of poverty.

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