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Iran Covered Up Coronavirus to Boost Election Turnout 

The Iranian regime's officials definitely concealed the expansion of Coronavirus in the country in fear of reducing the number of voters in the sham parliamentary elections

However, local reports suggest that the number of patients and the number of deaths is much higher, with the latest reports being 12 dead and 200 infected. 

Experts are saying that the regimes sudden announcement of these deaths, after previously denying that the people had been infected with the Coronavirus, indicates that the virus has spread among the population and that this is just a fraction of the true number. 

Given the secrecy of the regime around things that make them look bad, their need to have a high voter turnout in the parliamentary elections, and the fatality rate for Coronavirus being 2.5%, it seems very likely that this is the case. 

The death announcement was made on Wednesday by the head of the University of Medical Sciences in Qom. The state-run news agency IRNA said that the patients came from different districts and had not traveled to or from China, which again indicates that there are more people infected. 

Kianoush Jahanpour, the representative of the Iranian Ministry of Health, said: “In the past two days, some suspect cases of the new Coronavirus were detected in the holy city of Qom.” 

There are reports of the Coronavirus in various parts of Iran, with an unspecified number of suspected cases are currently under quarantine, but the regime has not yet confirmed them. 

The Ministry of Health and other regime officials earlier dismissed reports that the Coronavirus was present in Iran. On social media, people are saying that the Interior Minister advised the Health Minister to hide reports of the Coronavirus until after the parliamentary elections today to ensure people were not scared away from voting. 

Of course, the Iranian people boycotted the elections due to major fraud and voterigging by the regime. They stayed away from the polls, but not because of the Coronavirus. Instead, they sent a message to the regime about the illegitimacy of the mullahs rule. 

This cover-up is increasing public anxiety and risking peoples lives. 

Maryam Rajavi, the President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), urged the World Health Organization (WHO) to dispatch its supervisory and medical teams to Iran at once to prevent more people from being infected. 

The Coronavirus has been detected in at least 24 countries; killing 2,400 people so far and infecting over 74,000.


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