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Iran: How Much Does a Family of Four Have To Pay To Survive in a Month?

The devastating costs of an urban family in Iran is critically on the rise.

Iranian families now have the worst living conditions of the past four decades. Perhaps this situation can be compared without exaggeration with the periods of famine in ancient Iran. The level of nutrition in Iran has fallen sharply. The middle classes have become the poor, and the poor were completely pushed out of ordinary life.

Now even speaking about the prices of some of the basic goods is like an insult to the lower classes. Because many of them are out of their reach. Most importantly having a happy life is impossible.

These poor Iranians do not have the money for rent, clothes, healthcare and hygiene, education, furniture, traveling, fruit, sweets, nuts, water, electricity, gas and telephone bills, car and fuel, and their only expense is to survive.

Let’s consider the least and cheapest possible way to consume only goods to survive. Let us calculate the costs for a family of four, if they only buy eggs, yogurt, bread, and cheese every month, how much should they spend? We also assume that such a thing is possible and has not no health effects.

The price of each egg is currently at least 1700 Tomans. If we eat all three servings of the day only eggs, all the days of the month and each person eats only two eggs, the monthly consumption cost of eggs is equivalent to 1.224 million tomans.

The price of each package of ordinary lavash bread in the Tehran market is 5000 Tomans. If we assume that each packet of bread is enough for one of the three meals of one family member, then the cost of bread for each person will be 600,000 tomans in a month.

Also, at present, the price of each bottle of frying oil is at least 20,000 Tomans. Suppose five bottles are enough. The monthly cost of oil will be 100,000 tomans.

But we can not only eat eggs to survive, therefore let us assume that we will eat a little yogurt and cheese. We buy a bucket of yogurt that is cheaper. Suppose five buckets of yogurt a month is enough for a family. How much will it cost? If each bucket costs from 35,000 to 50,000 tomans? We will buy the 40,000 buckets. How much will be the monthly cost for a family? 200,000 tomans.

We also consume a small amount of cheese, for example, five cheese dishes a month for the whole family, which are 350 grams and a price of 20,000 Tomans. The cost of cheese will become 100,000 tomans.

The sum of these numbers is 2.225 million tomans.

Let us now review the first paragraph of this hypothesis. We assumed that this family would not get sick and would not have to pay for treatment. Has not to care about the cost of housing, the cost of water and electricity, the cost of travel and the cost of school, etc. We assumed that this family needed no meat, no vegetables, no sweets, no tea, etc.

However, this family must have 2.225 million tomans to survive. Now, look at the news coming from Iran and those who are published by the state media which is mostly controlled and censored. See the minimum wage of workers See the amount of arrears of workers in all fields.

Every time we look at this page, we see that what in Iran is happening is a complete tragedy.

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