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Citizen Report Reveals the Iranian Regime’s Plundering in Marvdasht Town

A citizen report shows a new scope of the Iranian regime’s plundering under the excuse of religious charities

However, they have plundered the national wealth for more than 40 years, since the establishment of the Islamic Republic’s regime in 1979.

On the other hand, the mullahs have founded many institutes and organizations under different names for lining their pockets with the people’s money and properties. In this context, Iranian cities were daily witnessing rallies in front of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC)-linked financial firms like Caspian institution.

Charity boxes and foundations are another of the mullahs’ methods for plundering the public under religious excuses. However, as most people believe, it’s not clear how people’s charity will spend donations and who will finally benefit from it. Notably, many of the mentioned foundations are presided by the office of the supreme leader Ali Khamenei or his appointees.

On April 4, a citizen from Marvdasht town in Fars province provided a report that reveals a new scope of the mullahs’ plundering. He also documented his report by a video that well displays how the regime planted several charity boxes in a street alone.

“My friends, here is Marvdasht town in Fars province. Look at these charity boxes placed within a 200-meter distance of each other. This is [Khomeini]’s charity box. These are the next, second and third. We didn’t go further yet and this is the fourth one. This is fifth and sixth. And in less than 200 meters we see the seventh,” a citizen said in his video.

He also addressed the regime’s authorities, questioning, “Where does this money end up? What do they do with this money?”

“What does the regime do with us under the name of Khomeini’s Relief Foundation? Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, was an economic corrupt. What are they doing with this number of charity boxes those placed on both sides of the street? In addition to placing them in front of all of banks, mosques, crossroads. What are they doing with this money? How much do they steal? What sin did our poor people commit?” the citizen said.

According to official stats, more than 80 percent of the population lives under the poverty line. In 2017, Tehran’s former mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf revealed that the administration is representing four percent of the society alone. however, Ghalibaf himself is among that four percent, who exploit the national resources to their benefit and collect mind-blowing wealth through embezzlement.

On the other hand, while many governments across the globe provided essential facilities for implementation “staying home” measure to counter the coronavirus, but the religious fascism left the people without basic needs. Therefore, most of society must leave their homes and go to work to make ends meet.

“[Officials] tell us, ‘Stay at home,’ so, how shall we work to be alive? They themselves have enough money to stay at home, but, what about me? How should I make ends meet?” the citizen added.

“Who does benefit from these resources, including oil incomes, the tourist industry, many mines, agricultural, etc.? Death to Khamenei and all the mullahs who are plundering the country… Look at this person! He is searching for a garbage container to find food. God damn the mullahs,” the citizen ended.

In conclusion, the mullahs control the Iranian people’s capital and they have established many institutes under various pretexts to gain more profit. Simultaneously, they plead with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for €5 billion, while the supreme leader manages a $100-billion trade. Also, the regime annually contributes the national asset to fund its extremist proxies like Lebanese Hezbollah, Iraqi Shiite militias, and Houthis rebels in Yemen, as well as $15-16 billion assistance to Basha al-Assad dictatorship.

The IRGC impounded more than 60 percent of the country’s economy and the remaining 40 percent are under the heel of other Khamenei-linked institutions like Astan-e Quds Razavi. In this context, the Iranian regime can easily provide essential supplies for the impoverished people to implement “Stay at home.” However, the profiteering mullahs pursue to gain cash for improving their irresponsible foreign policies.

Therefore, stopping the regime’s costly foreign policies would help to spend Iran’s national wealth on the benefit of the people.


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