These clips are being shared across social media by people heartbroken over this suffering and are evidence that the Iranian regime has committed the most egregious crime by hiding the outbreak and preventing victims from getting proper treatment. 

The regime officials have admitted that they were aware of the coronavirus outbreak for weeks before they actually announced it. This delay in admitting the outbreak until after two people had died was to ensure that the regime looked strong abroad by having a big turnout in their anniversary celebrations and their elections. After all, what projects strength more than risking the health of all Iranians? 

Now, those affiliated with the regime have been tested for the coronavirus and had their workplaces closed for cleaning or to prevent the spread. Anyone else, which means the public, is given no preventative measures unless they’re prepared to pay big, which they cannot afford. 

The regime, fearing new protests over the fact that they’ve condemned so many Iranians to death through their secrecy around the disease, have decided to try and hide information about the disease some more.  

They’ve arrested two reporters for covering the story of Vice President Masoumeh Ebtekar being tested for coronavirus under intensive care. While other members of the regime are claiming that reports of widespread infection are fake news, like Hamid Emadi Kouchak, the head of Khomeini Hospital Infectious Diseases Department. 

He said: “The reason that people suddenly fall has nothing to do with coronavirus, these people faint and this can happen to everyone during the day and we must not attribute all of it to coronavirus.”  

This attitude shows that the regime cares less about protecting the people than protecting themselves from the people’s anger.  

The main opposition movement the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) has reported 1300 deaths from the coronavirus in Iran as of writing this, including at least:  

  • 300 in Qom 
  • 215 in Tehran 
  • 100 in Mazandaran province  
  • 70 in Rasht 
  • 60 in Mashhad 
  • 54 in Gorgan 
  • 45 in Arak 
  • 45 in Kermanshah 
  • 43 in Isfahan  
  • 39 in Karaj 
  • 38 in Shiraz 
  • 23 in Khorramabad 
  • 23 in Kashan 
  • 20 in Qazvin 
  • 16 in Iranshahr 
  • 12 in Lahijan 
  • 12 in Boushehr 
  • 10 in Dastgerd 
  • 10 in Zahedan 
  • Six in Astaneh 


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