In his October 18 speech to the Parliament, Badamch said, “unfortunately, many opportunities have been lost during the past few years due to the ignorance and neglect of some officials, the unworthy have placed a lot of obstacles in the way of growth and development of the country, a huge amount of news in media and social research is dedicated to the too bitter and heart-rending content on the devastating tsunami of poverty, hunger and unemployment.” 

He said that the migration of those in rural communities to the big cities play a large part in “the widespread poverty, social failures, marginalization, beggary and similar disasters,” and added, “This human catastrophe, poverty and hunger, will be going to plague Iran with devastating social disasters unless an emergency, urgent yet proper policy to fight against social harms is adopted. Having 11 million marginalized people, namely one eighth of Iran’s population, is a painful crisis.”

Badamchi concluded by asking, “but what should be done regarding these problems? While  the Islamic Republic of Iran has tough opponents across the world, we should not allow some individuals and small groups inside Iran intentionally or unintentionally act or speak in such a way so as to serve the interests of our enemies.”