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Iran: Second Saddest Country in the World

Mousavi Chalak said: “Among 185 countries, Iran is ranked 105, and regarding the world’s unhappiest countries, Iran is at the bottom of the list behind Iraq. We are the second saddest country in the world after Iraq.”

The reasons for unhappiness under the Iranian Regime include the high rate of mental illness which rises to 80% in some areas of Tehran, high unemployment rate, the increase in child prostitution, the Regime’s repression and the rise in drug addiction and alcoholism.

Mousavi Chalak said: “Some of the officially announced statistics do not reflect the reality, rather, these unreal statistics are a sign of the officials’ incorrect [view on] these issues. For instance, the number of addicts has been announced to be 2.3 million people while the actual figure is much more than that.”

He continued: “The number of addicts in Iran is equal to the number of addicts in India, whereas India’s population is 15 times as much.”

He said: “In the past, we thought that we could prevent these issues by a harsh treatment and heavy punishments, but today we think otherwise.”


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