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Iran’s Roads Take More Casualties Than War

According to the Iranian regime's economic experts, damages caused by roads accidents are wasting about 8 percent of the country’s GDP.

The elimination of human life has become a hobby for the mullahs’ regime in Iran. From the death rate of the coronavirus, which after two years is beyond comparison to any other country around the world, to the number of executions and arbitrary killings which have increased daily since Ebrahim Raisi became the regime’s president last August, and finally to the death rate because of accidents on the country’s roads.

According to the Iranian regime’s economic experts, damages caused by roads accidents in the country are wasting about 8 percent of the country’s GDP. They have said that the regime’s government is allocating nine to eleven percent of its financial basket to deal with the aftermath of road accidents.

In a conference held in Isfahan on March 27, Kamal Hadianfar, the head of the regime’s traffic police said, “We have 236,000 kilometers of roads in the country, 54 million licensed drivers and 38 million vehicles, 35 percent of which are worn out. From this amount, 80 percent of the general fleet is worn out. We also have 12 million motorcycles, 10,500,000 million of which are used and worn out. Therefore, we do not have a very good situation in the country’s vehicle sector. For every person who loses his life in accidents, the country spends 5.3 billion tomans.”

Referring to the moral damage caused by accidents, he continued, “In each accident, we have 20 to 25 injured and disabled people per person killed. Last year, we had 17,000 killed and nearly 360,000 injured, about 15 to 25 percent of whom are disabled and have spinal cord injuries and cannot move for the rest of their lives, and we have no compensation mechanism in terms of moral damage.”

According to the regime’s police, two people die on Iran’s roads every hour. The regime’s police added that across the country, Iran’s roads feature around 5,300 accident-creating points. Figures have seemed to suggest that about 38.5 percent of all the accidents reported on Iranian roads are in these places, which is a clear indicator that the regime does not care about the people’s safety, considering that this number has increased over the past years.

During the conference, Hadianfar showed his confusion and desperation in regards to the country’s car industry, which is the second main cause of all the accidents, and stated, “We do not have a national car at all, they are Chinese cars. If we had a national car, the price of the car should not change as the price of the dollar goes up and down. Most parts are imported from China and most of them are of poor quality. We have a lot of problems in the field of the car industry.”

Referring to the number of cars produced by the regime’s car industry, which is also engaged in massive acts of corruption, he added, “I told the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade that there is no need to produce 3 million cars a year because firstly, the country cannot bear this amount, secondly, produce 800,000 cars, but produce safe cars. Deaths caused by car accidents are much more than 12 percent.”


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