‘Truth’ is something that has been almost impossible for the great dictators and liars of history to hide and isolate. In the contemporary world, this ‘isolation’ has become even more difficult due to the growth of awareness and the rapid spread of news and information.

One dictator witnessing this reality is Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his ruling system. Since the reign of the regime’s first Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini and then Khamenei, Iranian state media have been trying to show an unreal vision of their sovereignty to the people, while comparing their rule with heaven. But the ‘truth’ is so obvious that even Khamenei cannot hide this reality that this ruling system is a hellish regime.

‘You turned people’s lives into hell. This sentence about the life of the people in Iran is the bitter truth. But don’t make a mistake, this sentence has been not uttered by an ordinary citizen, and it is not even the expression of an old man sitting on the corner of a park bench or a worker or vendor in the subway; rather, it is expressed by an expert affiliated with Hassan Rouhani‘s government.

Iran: The Lies of a Turbaned Charlatan

Dr. Jabbar Rahmani, a government official appointed as an assistant professor in the Department of Science and Technology Studies of the Institute of Cultural and Social Studies of the Ministry of Science, said this sentence on the Channel 4 of state television on November 25, which as someone who is working for this regime is not saying all the reality while he then added that the this ‘hell’ is just limited to the last ‘one year.’

However, the reality is that this hell was made up for the people since the beginning of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In his speeches about the ‘coronavirus crisis’ and the ‘social policy,’ he confessed that ‘the current situation is deteriorating, which means that we are in a dire situation.’

The Health Minister Saeed Namaki himself made a bigger confession before ‘Dr. Assistant Professor’ and emphasized that ‘according to the explicit confession of the Health Minister, he has failed in policy-making so far.’

Although, the point is that despite all these failures and explicit confessions, no action has been taken to correct those mistakes. The result is that not only are people losing their lives in the catastrophic trap caused by the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, but there are also other consequences as well, which lead to casualties and death and long-term effects.

According to this government figure in the field of education of children and adolescents, since one-third of the society does not have access to the Internet, inequalities are created, which has even led to the suicide of Iranian teenagers.

A Week of Prison Riots in Iran 

“Inequalities were created and then led to student suicide. Who is responsible for this? See what happens to our students. Successful suicides are counted, but we do not count unsuccessful suicides. We do not hear about them. Who should go to investigate this situation at all? And give an answer?” Rahmani said.

Nevertheless, this doctor is forgetting that other officials in this government are busy slowing down and filtering the internet deliberately.

Following his inevitable confessions, Rahmani points out that the result of the government’s actions has been nothing but the escalation of the crisis.

He finally points the finger of blame only at an imaginary audience by saying, ‘You turned people’s lives into hell.Probably he is worried about his life and bread and his freedom of speech. But he adds a sentence that leads to a hidden and unspoken confession:

“You are in a country that is in such a crisis, but you do not let the Internet still tighten its throats. That is, it does not breathe. You see, people feel bad about it. Not only are you not heard [your voice is not heard], rather, you are being humiliated. This humiliation is very bad. The nation feels inferior in this system.”

This attempt to humiliate the people is another expression of the ‘repression’ that Khamenei is imposing on the people in the hope of clinging on to his rule, observers say. But at the same time, it is causing a great public outrage.