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Top Iran official acknowledges 70% unemployment rate

Currently 23.6 out of every 100 marriages ends in divorce. This climbs to 56% in some towns. 

The Iranian government’s fundamentalist views have drawn ire from opposition groups and the international community too. News of arrests made by Iran’s ‘morality police’ and demands over dress codes on airplanes has brought the government into focus.

“People have been arrested during this period in raids conducted on public places like restaurants. They are subsequently transferred to an unknown location by vans that are parked nearby for this purpose,” an employee of a Vanak Square restaurant in Tehran said, according to the International Business Times.

Mir-Bagheri also noted that drug addiction was becoming a bigger cause for concern. Trends show a growing proportion of female addicts and a younger age. Attention was drawn to the domestic industrial drug production encroaching on the market-share of the decades old supply of imported substances by 25%.

Some 700,000 people are said to be referred to drug rehabilitation centers every year, but the relapse rate is very high at 90%. Mir-Bagheri spoke about crises in Iran on what he called “priority issues” including “addiction, large suburban populations, divorce, and moral and social corruption”.

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