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Iran claims copy of captured US drone will soon take test flight

The Guardian: Iran said on Sunday it had succeeded in copying a US drone it captured in December 2011. State television broadcast images apparently showing the replicated aircraft.Iran captured the US RQ-170 Sentinel while it was in its airspace, apparently on a mission to spy on the country's nuclear sites, US media reported.

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Iran Seeks to Expand Military Reach

Gulf News: Although Iranian ambitions know no bounds, authorities in that hapless country pretend to advance pre and post-revolutionary objectives by goading one and all, even if haughtiness seldom advanced the interests of any nation. Earlier this year, the Iranian Navy announced that a frigate and its logistic support ship would embark on a three-month, 25,000 nautical mile voyage to send a “message” to the US.

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Iran: No visa for a kidnapper-diplomat implicated in assassination

Town Hall: By Raymond Tanter- A kidnapper-diplomat is an oxymoron—words with contradictory meanings. In this case, the terms suggest that an ambassador has operated outside the rules of diplomacy. Now tack on evidence that he is linked to an assassination of another envoy; then surely there are grounds for his exclusion from the United States.

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Iran ships arrive at Port of Sudan; suspect arms shipments

World Tribune: The Sudanese military has reported the arrival of two Iranian Navy ships. The Irnaian ships were said to have docked in Port of Sudan for refueling.“Sudanese civilians can visit and tour the Iranian ships during their stay,” Sudanese military spokesman Sawarmi Khaled Saad said.This marked the latest in regular Iranian Navy visits to Sudan, deemed a leading ally of Teheran. Israel and the United States have asserted that Iran sends weapons to the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip through Sudan.

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Iran: Massacre of the Syrian people or a strategic victory for the Iranian regime.

News Blaze: By Shahriar Kia-  Former Revolutionary Guards commander Rahim Safavi, Khamenei's military advisor, recently delivered a speech in an IRGC center in Isfahan, admitting the Guards' presence in Syria and Lebanon, the regime's role in the massacre of the Syrian people and preventing Bashar Assad's overthrow.

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Iranian MPs Stand by Controversial Choice for UN Ambassador Aboutalebi

On Thursday 8 May, the Tasmin News Agency quoted two Iranian officials as reiterating Iran’s intransigence on the issue of its appointment to the post of permanent ambassador to the United Nations. Hamid Aboutalebi was named as the sole choice for the position, but the United States blocked the appointment by denying Aboutalebi a visa to enter the country, where the UN headquarters is located.

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