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Iranian MPs Stand by Controversial Choice for UN Ambassador Aboutalebi

On Thursday 8 May, the Tasmin News Agency quoted two Iranian officials as reiterating Iran’s intransigence on the issue of its appointment to the post of permanent ambassador to the United Nations. Hamid Aboutalebi was named as the sole choice for the position, but the United States blocked the appointment by denying Aboutalebi a visa to enter the country, where the UN headquarters is located.

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Iran: IRGC Making Plans for War with US

Ali Fadavi, of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ naval forces, has released a statement saying that in the event of war breaking out between Iran and the United States, Iran would target American aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf. The remarks were quoted by the Fars News Agency and stand as an example of the duplicitous tone of the Iranian regime, which has typically remained belligerent in its internal communications and regional activities, while simultaneously engaging in negotiations with the US and European powers over the issue of Iran’s nuclear program. 

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Commander of IRGC Navy: American Destroyers Take Only 50 Seconds to Destroy!!!

On May 6th, in a sham muscle-flexing to inspire his forces, the mullahs’ regime IRGC commander  Ali fadavi boasted in an interview with the IRGC news agency of Fars: “In the sea battle field you must eliminate your rival, otherwise you will be destroyed. War at sea is very different from war on the ground and when your vessel sinks, you are defeated in this scene, and when the vessel of the enemy sinks, he will be defeated. 

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Iran, China Expand Military Ties

Washington Free beacon: By Adam Kerdo- The Iranian and Chinese defense ministers held high-level talks Monday in a bid to expand the military relationship between Tehran and Beijing, according to reports in China and Iran’s state-run media organs.

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Iran: Former IRGC senior commander confessed: Today we have 130,000 basij forces trained by IRGC who are waiting for the entry into Syria

Hossein Hamedani, the former IRGC commander of Mohammad corps in Tehran: “We have formed the second Hezbollah similar to Hezbollah of Lebanon in Syria and with this act and Khamenei’s measures the sustainable security for Bashar Assad’s regime has been established to some extent.”

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Johan Bolton Calls for Regime Change in Iran

In an editorial published on Monday in the New York Post, former US ambassador John Bolton argues that the conflict in Syria has been a distraction for American foreign policy, and that Iran is a more appropriate focus for confrontational strategies in the Middle East.

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Iran Protests 2018

Free Iran 2018 Gathering - 30 June 2018 - Villepinte, Paris

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