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Iran: 4 IRGC members killed in Syria

Bodies of at-least four members of the Iranian regime Revolutionary Guards(IRGC) Corp fighting in Syria for Bashar Assad has been buried in past week in Iran.The reports of IRGC members killed in Syria are occasionaly posted in state-run websites. The latest reports in this regard were about the burial of four Iranians killed in Syria who were buried in Iran on April 29 and 30.

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Iran Weighs Options for Alternative UN Ambassador

In a series of brief headlines related to Iran, the Brookings Institution offers a summary of an Iranian newspaper’s report on the possible alternatives to Iran’s planned appointment of Hamid Aboutalebi to the position of UN ambassador.

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Three decades of ‘strategic resistance’ between Iran and Syria and Hezbollah

One of the misconceptions among scholars, politicians, and policy analysts, is that the alliance between Hezbollah and Iran is a solely strategic partnership. Even the United States and its intelligence apparatuses have frequently characterized the relationship between Iran and Hezbollah as strategic.

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Iran improves ability to pull off cyber-attacks on US, report finds Hackers in Iran are a rising cyber-threat to the United States, as cyber-espionage attacks directed at American energy companies and state governments over the past year have made clear, a new report finds.

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Can Iran be trusted? By Tom Ridge- Under strong congressional pressure, the White House has finally agreed to bar an Iranian diplomat involved in terrorism from entering the United States.The Iranian regime had appointed Hamid Abutalebi as its new envoy to the United Nations, a decision that triggered a strong rebuke from Congress because of Abutalebi's role in the 1979-81 hostage-taking of American diplomats in Tehran.

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Mohsen Rezai, the mullahs’ regime presidential candidate, in the burial ceremony of a commander of Qods Force killed in Syria

On April 17, Qasem Shojaei, one of the Qods Force commanders killed by the Free Syrian Army while defending Bashar Assad’s regime was buried in Mashhad in the presence of Mohsen Rezai, the mullahs’ regime Secretary of State Exigency Council and several times presidential candidate. 

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