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Who is Hamid Aboutalebi , Hostage-Taker, Terrorist, and the New Ambassador of the Iranian Regime to the United Nations (his full biography)

Hassan Rouhani appointed Hamid Aboutalebi to the post of Ambassador to the UN, replacing Mohammad Khazaei. This appointment has been quite controversial .The United States has not yet issued him a visa to enter the U.S., as resistance to his approval has arisen given Aboutalebi’s connection with the 1979 US Embassy hostage crisis and other extremist activities. Who is Hamid Aboutalebi and what is his background? Iran News Update reveals his real biography for the first time:

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Iranian resistance denounces ‘terror-master’ diplomat

InsideEmbassyRow: By James Morrison-The exiled Iranian resistance Thursday accused Iran’s U.N. ambassador of coordinating the 1993 assassination of a leading Iranian dissident in Rome and called on international authorities to file criminal charges against the diplomat.

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Iran: Wave of assassination in Baluchestan province as the people are apt for uprising

In the recent days, a wave of assassinations has traversed the city of Zahedan, as well as other places in Sistan & Baluchestan Province (southeastern Iran) and thus far five Sunni clerics and Baluchi youths have been victimized. The assassinations have led to the death of four with the fifth badly wounded and in a coma in the hospital.

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Iran: U.S. has 'serious concerns' about Hassan Rouhani's UN envoy selection

NCRI- The United States has told the Iranian regime it has deep misgivings about the possibility that Hamid Abutalebi, may be named to serve as Tehran's new ambassador at the United Nations, the State Department said on Wednesday.

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29 U.S. senators call on Obama to deny visa to Aboutalebi, Iranian regime's new UN envoy

NCRI - Twenty-nine U.S. senators have written to President Barack Obama urging him to deny a visa to a former hostage-taker who is the Iranian regime's choice for ambassador to the United Nations, Associated Press reported.

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Eliot Engel: Rouhani is a moderate! That is ridiculous

Washington, Asharq Al-Awsat—For many foreigners, one of the most striking—yet often overlooked—features of the US political system is the impact that the US Congress can have on foreign policy.

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