The quartet was established by virtue of the Arab League’s resolution No. 8879 in January 2016.  It is made up of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, as well as the Secretary-General of the Arab League.

The statement says, “the committee noticed Iran’s recent massive and serious escalation of the scope and level of its interference in the internal affairs of Arab states, including heightened provocative statements made by Iranian officials against Arab states…” and it further “reiterated its condemnation and denunciation of all Iranian interference and transgressions on the internal affairs of Arab states and demanded Tehran halt all violating actions in addition to seize its registered support for terrorist and subversive groups as well as its provocative and aggressive statements.”

The statement requests that Tehran acts in good faith on its what it says it desires for enhancing relationships with Arab States, and denounces the Iranian intervention in Bahrain, Yemen, Syrian crisis, and the continued Iranian occupation of the U.A.E Islands Abu Musa, Greater and Lesser Tunbs.  

It goes on to say that, “Iran had clearly violated U.A.E sovereignty which proved detrimental to regional security and stability.”   It also stressed that, “Relations with Iran should be based on respect of the sovereignty of other states and good neighborliness.”

A report prepared by the Arab League was also studied.  It included steps to implement relevant ministerial decisions and pan-Arab organization’s monitoring of all negative statements made by Iranian officials against Arab States. The committee submitted its observations to the Council of the Arab League.