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Brussels Attacks: Iranian State Television claims Europeans ‘only have themselves to blame’ for terror attacks

Brussels Attacks: Iranian State Television claims Europeans ‘only have themselves to blame’ for terror attacks

ARCHumankind condemns the sarcastic message transferred to Iranian citizens about the series of terror attacks launched on 22nd March, 2016 at Brussels Airport and Brussels public underground system.

ARCHumankind remains outraged that Iranian State television would make a mockery of the High Representative Vice President Federica Mogherini on the basis of her human reaction to those who lost their lives and were targeted by ISIL-affiliated terrorists. 

Iranian broadcasters continued their ridicule by stating that Europe ‘only had themselves to blame’ and that perhaps now Europe would “feel close-up the fear and horror that the Syrian people have endured over the past 5 years, created by the interferences of their (European) politicians.”

The acts committed by Jihadist militants are acts of heinous violence, and Iranian State television’s suggestion that “European decision-makers are supporting terrorist acts” can only be seen as an incitement for the continuation of the Jihadi aggression against Europe. 

European institutions have unduly decided to forget the well-documented co-operation of the Iranian authorities with the creation of an Al-Qaeda branch in Iraq in 2001, as well as the Syrian regime’s logistical support of this organisation from 2003 up to 2011. This memory-erasing exercise has expressed the vain hope that the theocracy could be made to behave better, but the insulting attitude of the Iranian authorities vindicates the point of view of all those who warned against this kind of appeasement. 

ARCHumankind notes that the concrete operational steps from the former Al Qaeda branch in Mesopotamia towards the aggression of Europe started at least in 2012, well before the split of this Jihadi branch from her mother and the proclamation of the Caliphate. This fact is now publicly well-documented by Western information services (see for instance http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/29/world/europe/isis-attacks-paris-brussels.html?_r=1).  

ARCHumankind reiterates its calls for the European Union to take decisive action against all Jihadi forces slaughtering Syrian and Iraqi people and provoking a refugee crisis, whether those forces be affiliated with ISIS, Hezbollah or any of the several other Islamic fundamentalist forces present in the area.  This is the only coherent, logical, and feasible strategy for ending the refugee crisis. 

ARCHumankind presents its full solidarity with the High Representative Vice President Federica Mogherini and considers the insults to her to be insults to the European people and to all those who share humane values. 

ARCHumankind is a non-profit organisation, aiming to bring together people from the most diverse geographical, professional, and cultural backgrounds to contribute to stimulating sustainable cooperation for the promotion of democracy and a respect for human rights, while putting an end to religiously, politically or ethnically motivated oppression and violence.

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