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Camp Liberty once again under attack

INU – At 13:15 PM Baghdad time Camp Liberty have come under rocket attack.  This attack was confirmed by UN spokeswoman Eliana Nabaa and reported by AFP: “I can confirm that there was a deadly attack” she added that “we don’t have the figures but yes, people were killed and injured.”  The attack with dozens of rockets took place simultaneous with the mullahs sham election and its widespread boycott by Iranian people.

There were more than 40 rockets rained on Camp Liberty and to this minute at least two have lost their lives and as many of 50 have been injured.  None of the agents of Martin Kobler, the UN Representative in Iraq came to the scene.  Their absence at the time when they have to be present is very suspicious and questionable. These agents spend hours roaming in the camp and taking pictures and videos from all areas of the camp on daily basis. After the February 9 attack, the Government of Iraq, United Nations and the Government of United States were call on hundreds of times to provide minimums of security necessities including T-Walls, and transfer of protective vests and helmets from Ashraf, but they were all rejected by the Government of Iraq. 

This simultaneous attack with election Iran is a clear indication that dictatorial regime in Tehran views the Iranian Resistance as the cause and active agent in boycotted sham election. 

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