Parsi claims that the controversy over the slaying of journalist Jamal Khashoggi will undermine the Saudi monarchy and weaken it’s resolve in opposing Iran. “Even if the Republicans end up siding with Trump on continuing relations with Saudi Arabia on the current terms, the Democrats are unlikely to simply allow the relationship to return to business-as-usual,” Parsi writes, and adds, “This is partly because the Saudi-U.S. relationship embodies everything progressives oppose: A cozy relationship with a brutal authoritarian ruler driven by the greed of arms manufacturers, all while the U.S. is complicit in a Saudi-engineered famine in Yemen and the House of Saud’s human rights and women’s rights abuses.”

However, the fact are that the Iranian regime instigated the conflict in Yemen by inciting Houthi rebels and supplying them with arms. Iran escalated the conflict by shipping missiles to be used to attack Saudi Arabia — facts that Parsi ignores.
His attack on “human rights and women’s rights abuses” in Saudi Arabia also ignores the the Iranian regime’s attacks on human rights and its limitations on women’s daily freedoms.

Parsi claims that the plummeting rial has been “stabilized”, but in fact, it is at an all-time low, after losing 70 percent of its value against the U.S. dollar since the current Iranian fiscal year began in March.

Parsi also refers to continued sale of oil by Iran, but these sales are small, and the plunge in the price of oil is more concerning for the regime. Iran pegs its budget forecasts on anticipating oil prices at nearly $70 per barrel, but prices are about $50 per barrel today.

Parsi said, “Today, if you’re sitting in Tehran, you’re probably more confident in the future than if you’re in Riyadh or Washington. Trump has thrown everything he has at Iran, and it hasn’t worked. And once the European ‘Special Purpose Vehicle’ — an alternative payment system that will enable companies to defy Trump’s sanctions — is up and running next year, the Trump’s Iran strategy may face yet another crippling blow.”

But, the special purpose vehicle is on shaky ground now that France, Germany, and Denmark have denounced Iran for staging attempted bombings and assassinations on their soil.