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Former MEP: Iran’s genocidal campaign in Iraq

Leaving the field open to Iran and Russia in Syria, Obama, the Daily Caller piece said, was so focused on the defeat of Daesh, which has been recently pushed back in both Syria and Iraq, that he has made strange allies in the shape of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Syria, (thus alienating NATO ally, Turkey), and the many militias run by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in Iraq.

Stevenson argued that it was Obama’s support for the former “corrupt and sectarian” Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki – “still a manipulative force in Iraqi political circles” – which had “prepared the ground for Daesh in Iraq.”

Noting that “Some senior Iraqis claim that the explosives-filled truck used in the attack [on the Karrada shopping centre] came from Diyala, an Iraqi province controlled by Iran,” he continued, “Iran’s fingerprints on this kind of atrocity should come as no surprise.”

Iran has “exploited the war against Daesh to expand its influence and hegemony in the country,” and has done so through a “pitiless genocidal campaign of ethnic cleansing against Iraq’s Sunni population,” Mr Stevenson said.

He concluded that only the Sunnis could defeat Daesh; Iran was merely expanding its control in the region.


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