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Iran: Former American Hostage Warned:”Nearly 40 Years After I Was Imprisoned and Tortured, Nothing Has Changed”

Rosen, who is also a United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) Advisory Board Member, wrote this to coincide with the 37th anniversary of the hostage crisis.

The Iranian Regime celebrated the anniversary with anti-American rallies in which they burned the American flag and demonstrators chanted slogans like “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”.

Rosen emphasised that the next American President had to deal with Iran; not only their constant violations of the nuclear deal but also making anti-American statements and allying with terrorists like Al Qaeda.

He wrote: “It is imperative that the Presidential candidates and our policymakers in Congress understand that the Iranian regime that held my colleagues and me hostage has not reformed its ways.”

He continued: “My fellow survivors and I are dismayed to see the same actions being taken against fellow Americans in Iran today. There have been a number of dual nationals held on unsubstantiated charges–just like I was–sentenced to years in Iranian prisons without recourse.”

There are currently five American citizens and residents being held on dubious charges in Iran.

Rosen wrote: “The next President must … be prepared to take a hard line against Khamenei and his regime as they push the envelope… The fanciful notion that the nuclear deal would bring about better relations between our two countries has been dispelled; a new administration will have the chance to cast a spotlight on Iran for the bad global actor it is.”






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