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Iran: IRGC Cannot Get Its Story Straight With Regards to Attack on Saudi Oil Tankers

On Saturday 4th August, it was announced that shipments through the strait would resume. In a statement, Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said: “The decision to resume oil shipment through the strait of Bab al-Mandeb was made after the leadership of the coalition has taken necessary measures to protect the coalition states’ ships.”

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iranian regime have been mounting for years. Saudi Arabia is particularly concerned about Iran’s involvement in the Yemeni civil war.

Saudi Arabia leads a coalition that is intervening in the war to restore the internationally recognized government of exiled president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi. It is very critical of Iran’s role of supplying the Houthi rebels with missiles.

Earlier this week, statements from Iran show that the country is worried about the ramifications of the attacks on the Saudi oil ships.

General Naser Shabani, a high-up member of Iranian Regime’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), had confirmed that the Iranian regime had ordered the Houthis to attack the Saudi oil tankers. He said that the Iran-backed Ansar Allah militia has carried out the orders.

Almost immediately there were reactions about the news circulating social media and the news agency that published Shabani’s comments deleted the publication. Earlier this week the IRGC denied that the comments made by Shabani were true. It said that his comments were taken out of context and distorted.

Another spokesman for the IRGC said that the West was responsible for making it look like Iran was behind the attacks. The Iranian regime has a habit of blaming the West on anything and everything. According to regime officials, Western conspiracies are to blame for the economic and currency crisis in Iran.

The Iranian regime fails to take responsibility for its actions time and time again and it always looks to blame others for problems it has caused.

The people of Iran are fed up with the Iranian regime’s interference in conflicts abroad. There are more than enough problems that require urgent attention at home, yet the Iranian regime decides to plunder the nation’s wealth on terrorism, funding proxies and militias and spreading chaos abroad.

Since the end of last year, the people of Iran have been calling for regime change. They know that their situation is never going to improve for as long at the clerical regime has power. Foreign leaders, for years, have been speaking about moderation in the Iranian regime but it is very clear now that it simply does not exist. Moderation goes against the very pillars propping the regime up.

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