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Iran Regime Disinformation About MEK

The Iranian leadership is actively trying to alter the news narrative. Those who fall under their spell have no idea that the news they are being spoon-fed is 100 percent, pure and unadulterated, fake.

which is designed to distract from the regime’s crises and justify terrorism against the Resistance.

Betancourt began by stating that the Iranian people have been firm in their demands for a free Iran, which include neither the Shah nor the mullahs, but a democratically elected government. She said they have been consistent on that through countless protests and uprisings, including those throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

She said that the mullahs seek to divide those calling for a Free Iran because if the people are united they will win and the mullahs will be tried for their crimes against the Iranian people. The MEK and NCRI, which are uniting Iranians and winning support from foreign governments and groups are the true enemies of the regime, so the regime tries to discredit them in any way possible.

Betancourt said: “For years, the mullahs’ regime has campaigned to portray the MEK as a terrorist organization and it has failed. They all have failed. Every single time when their accusations have been brought to a court of justice, an independent judge has made a point of honor, be it the States, in Britain, in Europe, to clean the name of the Iranian resistance and of its leaders from all the dirt the regime tried to pile up against them.”


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She advised that the criticisms levied against the MEK by the regime are parts of the regime’s policy of accusing others of its own crimes, including holding people hostage and terrorism, which is why millions of Iranians have taken to the streets. She further said that no Iranian would believe the regime’s lies and advised that the rest of the world condemn the regime for its abuses.

Betancourt said: The members of the MEK, women, and men who have suffered torture both in the Shah’s prisons and in the mullahs’ prisons. They have seen their families and friends executed. They know who took away their freedom and who is the liar. They have stayed together, living together in Iraq, in Paris, in Tirana, or wherever it might be, fighting together because they know that they are the spearhead of the Iranian warriors for freedom.”

She then said that the MEK’s mission is about sacrifice for a free Iran and that Rajavi is a noblewoman who will change the world.

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