Analysts now believe that Israel is going to further defend itself by targeting areas beyond Syria. There is the potential for Iraq to be one such nation because of Iran’s strong presence and influence there.

It has also been reported that the United States’ Secretary of State Mike Pompeo advised the central government of Iraq that Israel could potentially strike the country. It has also been said that the Secretary of State told Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi that the United States would not act faced with strikes on Iranian targets.

The government of Iraq, and the international community, have had trouble dealing with Iran’s presence in Iraq and its infiltration of the country’s parliament via militia groups. The political deadlock over Falih al-Fayyadh who was responsible for militias has created such turmoil and the country has failed to appoint an interior minister who is urgently needed to turn around the country’s delicate security problems.

It seems like the country’s government has given up on the idea of getting rid of the militias – rather it is more of a pressing concern to ensure that Iran does not take full control over the Iraqi government via its many militias.

As U.S. forces prepare to leave Syria, Iran is confident that its land route will continue working. However, Iraq remains vital to its future plans, and indeed its survival. To Iran, Iraq represents a crucial location and of course it is where it has significant influence. The militias present in Iraq that are faithful to Iran are numerous and the country has a high Shiite population.

This makes Iraq much more of an attractive proposition and a safer option when compared to Syria. The high Sunni population makes for a hostile environment. But the Iranian regime has spent so many years and has heavily invested – financially and with personnel and weapons – that it cannot withdraw completely from Syria.

Iran’s exploits in the region are tearing it to pieces and creating such deep divisions that it cannot be allowed to continue. The people of Iran, described by U.S. President Donald Trump as the first victims of the regime, are also suffering because of the Iranian regime’s costly interventions.

Once the regime is curbed, the conflicts can be resolved. Iran is the only thing standing in the way.