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Iran Regime’s Export of Revolution Will Destroy the World

Recently Eldar Mamedov wrote an article claiming that the exportation of revolution was only theoretically implied by the constitution and that the real goal of the export of the revolution was to provide moral support to oppressed people. Mamedov is wrong.

Many analysts, as well as Iranian dissidents, from around the world have covered this subject in detail and found no evidence that Iran has tried to help the oppressed when they intervene in other countries. Instead, they are trying to consolidate power for themselves and their Supreme Leader, who would become the ruler of any country that the revolution was successfully exported to.

Mohammed al-Sulami, the Head of International Institute for Iranian Studies, wrote: “It is clear that Iran’s efforts to build and enhance relations with Shiite groups in the region are predicated on an objective of creating a global system of governance… the doctrine of Velayet-e Faqih does not recognize geographic borders, once again helping to endorse its principle of exporting the revolution, both spiritually and practically.”

Even leading members of the Regime can’t help but admit to this in public speeches, with former Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini stating numerous times that the Regime would export its revolution, making no note of oppressed people.

Other leading members who admitted this, include:

• Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei
• Hashemi Rafsanjani, Speaker of the Shura Council
• Mohammad Ali Jafari, Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)
• Hussein Hamedani, a senior officer in the IRGC
• General Qassem Suleimani, Commander of the Quds Force
• Brigadier Mohammad Ali Falaki, IRGC Commander in Syria

Spreading revolution is even the main reason that the Iranian Regime created the Quds militants.

Sulami wrote: “[This all] make it very clear that the country’s clerical leadership has not only authorized military forces to spread Iran’s theocratic doctrine, but is promoting this at every level as a core component of its foreign policy. Iran’s political and military leadership has not only acknowledged the regime’s intervention in regional nations, but openly boasts of its regional influence and control in Arab and non-Arab nations.”

Indeed, make no mistake that the Iranian Regime is not helping the oppressed in Syria, where it supports the dictator Bashar Assad, or in Yemen, where it supports the Houthi terrorists, or in other countries in the region, where Iran is responsible for crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing.

The Iranian Regime will destroy the world through its export of revolution, if it’s allowed to.

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