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Iran Regime’s fake news campaign

The only way to understand the Regime’s terrorist plots against the Iranian Resistance in Albania, France, the US and Denmark in 2018 is to view them against the backdrop of Regime disinformation about the Resistance in western media to make the attacks seem justified. And the Regime hasn’t stopped there.

For months now, Norway has seen the Iranian embassy in Oslo at the heart of the Regime’s terrorism and espionage activities. Now, the Regime has launched a disinformation campaign against the Resistance in Norway.

That’s why in late March, journalist Eskil Engdal from the Dagens Næringsliv daily, visited Ashraf-3, where MEK members live in Albania, without permission alongside Regime agent Gjergii Thanasi. The pair filmed the entrance, without permission and despite warnings from the Albanian security service.

This is worrying because the MEK in Albania is constantly under threat of attack from the Regime. Last year, the Regime planned to bomb the MEK’s New Year celebration and the exposure of this plot led to the Regime’s ambassador to Albania and the Regime’s chief intelligence officer there being expelled.

Now, the MEK’s legal advisor in Albania has expressed concern to Dagens Næringsliv ‘s editor about the security of Ashraf-3 residents, noting Thanasi’s dirty tricks and that Engdal had met with Iranian agents posing as former PMOI members. But nearly two months later, there has been no response from the editor and it seems as if Engdal has continued his ties to the Regime, so the MEK published their letter, which included fears that Engdal was being manipulated.

Following this, Engdal sent two emails to the MEK asking them to respond to totally fake allegations against them and gave them 48 hours to respond. These allegations have repeatedly been debunked in courts across the US and Europe.

This was no doubt a thinly veiled effort meant to justify a biased article and makes a mockery of journalistic neutrality. Also, Engdal refused to reveal his sources, which puts him personally at risk of libel charges. He should be fired before he can use his position to spread lies.







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