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Iranian Revolutionary Guards reportedly training operatives to commit sabotage in Bahrain

INU – The chief prosecutor of Bahrain, Osama al-Oufi, announced on Friday that a Bahraini citizen residing in Iran has set up a terrorist group for acts of sabotage in the Gulf Kingdom.   

In a press conference in Manama, al-Oufi also claimed that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has provided the terror cell with explosives and training in order to carry out attacks in Bahrain. 

Al-Oufi identified the Bahraini leader of this group as Ahmed Mahfuz Moussavi and said that a warrant of arrest had been issued for him. 

Al-Oufi accused Moussavi of  planning terrorist bombing operations in vital locations in Bahrain and “jeopardizing the safety and security of the kingdom, injuring persons, terrorizing citizens and residents, disturbing public peace, and spreading chaos.”  

The press conference also indicated that Moussavi’s group had attempted to transport weapons and explosive cargo to Bahrain via sea routes. The cargo was confiscated last week. The IRGC was identified as the originator of the shipment. 

Al-Oufi announced that five members of this “terror group” were arrested as part of the same operation. Two had been apprehended while they were “on a boat receiving weapons, munitions and explosives to be smuggled from a boat at sea into the country.”

According to Bahraini official the five have since confessed that they had gone through military training in Iran and that the weapons were handed to them in international waters from an Iraqi ship. 

The new development came in the wake on the announcement on Monday by Bahraini authorities that it had seized a boat smuggling a huge quantity of weapons and bomb-making material. After the announcement, there were reports that security was beefed up at sea with two armed checkpoints set up off the Northern coast of Bahrain towards Iran.

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