This is one way for Iran to continue its criminal activities in Iraq as Masjedi has spent the past three decades being a part of terrorist activities abroad – mainly in Syria and Iraq.

 During the Iran-Iraq war, Masjedi was Chief of Staff of the Ramadan garrison which later became the Qods force. Last year he claimed that the “Ramadan garrison was formed during war for irregular, guerilla, special, intelligence operations”. He pointed out that this is what the Qods force does now.   

Under his command, terrorist groups were formed. Some of these include the Badr 9 Corps and the Supreme Council.

After the 2003 Iraq invasion, Masjedi travelled regularly to Iraq to advance the policy of hidden occupation in the country. Under his supervision many terrorist attacks took place. For example, the kidnapping of British citizens in Iraq in 2007 and the bombing of US forces headquarters earlier that same year.

He was also involved with repressing the Iranian opposition. Under his command, five rocket strikes on Camp Liberty happened.

Masjedi and other commanders executed plans to displace and massacre the Sunni population. 

It has also been noted that Masjedi had significant participation in the creation of Iraqi militias which entered Sunni areas and killed innocent people. 

And finally, Masjedi has been involved in the meddling in Syria and has facilitated the arrival of Iraqi militias. 

How is it possible that Iraq’s national security adviser, Faleh al-Fayad, has agreed to this appointment? There has been outright objection from many – not just in Iraq but from other Arab countries. He is seen as a war criminal.